Through On Blog Post, you want to bring unique, organic traffic on you.

We are going to tell you about all the tips and tricks of the blog in this post.

Today the trend of blog is increasing a lot, so everyone wants to earn money by writing.

Many people are becoming famous by blogging, today we are going to give you information on such a topic.

Which many people want to know about the subject, and want to understand.

Many young people could make their career in blogging. 

Or you can make your name in the blogging field.

It takes a lot of hard work to make blogging from other fields. 

And it is beneficial to give him maximum time.

Blogging requires a lot of patience, so you should have confidence in your ability.

You have to concentrate on your work until you are successful.

The most important thing is your first blog post. 

When users come to your blog, they will first see your content.

Users first see the content of your blog, on which topic you have written a blog.

What is call blogging, different posts are written on a topic, it is call blog.

To write blogging, you must be interest in it, only then you can write a blog.

The ladder of success depends on your article, users are attract to it.

A lot of hard work is necessary to get success in this field.

You should have a habit of writing good articles.

On Blog Post | Daily will get organic traffic of lakhs | effective tips

On Blog Post || Make a blog on any one topic for this.

To make your carrier in Blogger, you have to choose any one topic.

Technology, Food, Cooking, News, Business, Job, government subject, base blog has to be create.

If you create a blog on any one topic, then users will be more interesting in your post.

Blogging on any one topic is easy, and writing is easy.

Writing a blog on a topic will help you rank in Google.

Whichever topic you choose, but your article must be unique, it increases the chances of ranking.

Contents similar to blogging, text, image, video are written.

The first post of any unique blogger gives this information, on which topic the blog is on that platform.

Your blog must match your content, on any one topic.

You always have to write original content, do not copy paste in it.

Do some practice on the content on which you are writing, write a post on it.

Content In any language, it is necessary to write it in simple words.

google will rank only when you have written user friendly article.

There are many tools available to make content easy, Yoast SEO, Rankmath.

Post must be correct google preview, snippet, bolt the correct word.

Write the content of at least 1500 words, it is easy to understand.

It is necessary to give full stop after 20 words, it is easy to read.

The heading of every post should be catching, attractive.

Write Unique Content Only:

You can create a blog on any topic, but its content must be unique.

Blog ranks higher on unique content, and people like it more.

Writing a blog on any one topic, its content should be in simple words.

While writing the content, give more emphasis on that article, that the users are not bore.

Practice on the topic first, next you write it down.

Reflect the heading relating word in the post to the topic.

Do not copy paste any content, check that post in Plagrizam.

Write user friendly content and make it Bold, Highlight, Main words.

Those who understand their contact make their article unique.

1: Learn to follow your interest

Like the rest of the subject, you have to give a little twist in writing the content.

Your post will be different from the rest of the content.

2: Be interested in the topic on which you are writing

3: Do not write your own article by reading the content of others.

4: It is important to be different in your content.

5: Always keep writing the post in easy language.

6: Use easy words in the post that it is easy to read.

7: Write the heading of the post attractive and easy.

Avertise your post:

It is very difficult to rank the post in the beginning.  

That's why it is necessary to market that post.

As soon as you advertise the post, the rank starts coming on that post.

Advertisement increases the rank of the post because that post gets Boost power.

People will know only then they will visit you.

On Blog Post | Daily will get organic traffic of lakhs | effective tips

1: Google Ads Campaign

You have to do Google Ads to rank your posts.

Advertisement helps the post to rank higher, so Google Advertise.

It is very easy to run Google advertising campaign, and advertising at low cost.

You have to enter the keyword related to the post by pasting the Url of your post.

2: Facebook Ads campaign Run:

Now your post can advertise the post from social media.

Facebook will advertise your post at very low cost.

Generates as much traffic as you want by running ads from Facebook to your post.

Facebook reads your post and advertises it on different platforms.

To run you ad, past the keyword related to the post, then run its ad.

Nowadays many people live on Facebook online, so your post will be visible to the users.

Write a  Post by doing Keyword Research

To rank every post, it is important to have the right keyword.

Do keyword research related to the topic on which you want to write a post.

If there is a good keyword only then the chances of getting the post rank increase.

By entering that keyword in Google search, see which post is on the top of the rank.

You always have to choose only low competition keyword, only then you will rank in Google.

Always rank low competition keywords, and the heading of that keyword should also be catching.

With the same keyword you have to write a powerful heading title.

This attracts users, and makes them stronger to come to your post.

This attracts users, and makes them stronger to come to your post.

Stay connected with Social media: 

Social media is such a platform, with the help of which your post will be 

Most of the traffic to the blog post comes from social media only.

Create a page on Facebook related to the blog, which is related to your blog.

Then you publish your post on that Facebook page, and share that post on Facebook Group.

Nowadays more and more users are active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn,  Google News, medium. 

Choose the favorite keyword of users on social media, and publish it by writing a post on it.

Always be active on social media, and keep in mind the research of users.

Only then will your post get ranked, so use social media.

On Blog Post | Daily will get organic traffic of lakhs | effective tips

Create User Friendly Website: 

To bring rank on the website, make your website user friendly.

Your website must be user friendly, mobile friendly, desktop friendly.

Give a simple look to your website, keep its design simple.

Blog website must have creates pages, privacy policy, About us, Disclaimer, Contact us, site map.

Do not put too much AdSense advertisement, keep it in simple shape.

Keep a user friendly image related to the post, do not keep the image of the post too heavy.

Do not do more Html coding on the website, this increases the timing load of the website.

Create SEO Image:

To rank the post quickly, it is necessary to optimize that image.

The image is always ranked quickly before the post, immediately the image is ranked in SEO.

If the optimization of the image is good, then it helps in boosting the post.

First of all, the image is related to the post, the post should have a meta tag.

1: The size of the image should be correct, neither bigger nor less

2: The quality of the image should be clear, its pixels should not burst.

3: The image of the post should not be copy paste, you have to create a unique image.

4: You can prepare the image with the help of canva, photoshop, tools.

5: The image related to the post should be Alt Text, Title Text, then SEO will index that image.

6: Keep in mind that your image should not be heavy, it spoils the user interface.

7: There should be a post image of 40 KB, and the image should be WP.

8: There should always be user interface image, mobile friendly, browser friendly.

Create a Blog on Niche Topic:

Always make a blog on Niche Topic, it helps in understanding SEO.

If you created Niche blog, then every blog post of yours will rank.

Before writing the post, know what the users are searching related to your post.

After that extract the keyword on it, and write a post on that keyword.

One should always write a post on Trending Topic on Niche blog, it helps to rank.

Search engine always promotes the niche topic.

Topic title, heading, meta description, permalink, make it right.


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