Everyone wants to know what is a local guide and how it works. what is its benefit to us, how much is our work?

what is Local Guides write reviews, shared photos, add or edit business information, and check facts and Google Maps?

What is Google Local guide | How it works | What are its benefits

Google local guide showing the route, location, to local guidance and search.

With which you give review, fact check, photos share, answer questions of that place. 

The guide and google map is quite different, they are both different parts, Photo, video, review of the place.

that you go to, which you give to people, is calling a guide

To become a Google local guide, you must be above 18 years of age, as you feel the form.

you have to earn a badge. These are 10 badges in total.

According to this badge level, you get the point to earn this badge.

It is only then that your badge is formed, you first explain in detail how the point is found.

What is Google Local guide|How it works?

Photo, video, review of the place that you go to, which you give to people, is calling a guide.

GPS global system for mobile, you heard about it and also use it. 

Today, a lot of people use it, this is an app made by Google. 

due to which you can find any place, location, Shop, City.  shopping mall, Stores, Home, find many such things in it.  

This app is very useful, and Good people use it.

A lot of changes have made in this app and many programs are also run to run it.

GPS local guides has changed a lot now, many people are also participating in this program.  

Putting information means that it is calling Google local's guide. 

Google has made it even better and Advance so that locals enjoyed working, that local.

Gets gifts in exchange for perk pack, US tour, gets a lot of Work in this program.  

The local guide you to the local place that photo to enter the nearby new area shopping center. 

So, put everything you have on the Google local guide.

Google local guide means schools, shopping malls, stores in your city, in such a place you have to do reviews.

photos, location ads, things like this instead you get some gift and a chance to go to the US.

if you become a local guide To participate in this program.

you have to feel its form by signing up on your Google map.

Then join the local guide and your work starts there.

How does It google local guide What are its benefits?

  1. Review: means you know about that place, what is there, tell about, how that place is, it. you get 10 points and if you tell in 200 words then you get 10 bonus points.
  2. Rating: This means how many stars you are happy with that place, how many stars would. you like to give to that place, on which you get 1 point of star rating.
  3. Photo: If you put a photo of that place, you get 5 points. the photo and you get 3 points of the tag on the photo tag.
  4. Video: If you go to that place, then you can put a glimpse, the video there and you get 7 points.
  5. Answer: you have entered all the information about that place. And you know then some people will question you, you have to answer it, you get 1 point.
  6. Edit: This means if you have to tell or put anything else in that place, then you get 5 points.
  7. Place added: If you go to the place and that place is not on the map. Then you can put it on the map, you get 7 points.
  8. Road added: You have added that place but you have to add the road there, you get 15 points.
  9. Fact checked: This means that you have to give the correct information about that place and you have to give all. the correct information to the local guide, it is called Fact checked and you get 1 point.

Local guide badge level information?

Local guide badge level or on this badge, you get a gift and a US tour.
you have to earn these badges through point, how many level badges you get at how many points.

  1. Level: You don't get any badge till level 123 because you have to accumulate 500 points to get to the level of badges.
  2. 4: When you earn point 250, you get a Level 4 badge.
  3. 5: When you earn 500 points you get a level 5 badge.
  4. 6: When you make 1500 points you will get a level 6 badge.
  5. 7: When you make 5000 points you get to level 7 badges.
  6. 8: When you make 15000 points you get to the level 8 badge.
  7. 9: When you make 50000 Points, you get a Level 9 badge.
  8. 10: When you make 100000 Points, you only get 10 badges

Local guide connects program:

Local guide connects This means that you join the new guide of the local guide.

You have to enter story information, photos, reviews, place activity in this program.

There is local guide connect around the world who tell their story place information. 

It is call a local guide to connect, you get rewards through it like a Perk pack.

Hotel voucher, read bus offers, drive GB, US tour, many rewards you get.

Now you must have understood that there are a lot of benefits to Google's local guide. 

In this program every year you are allow to go to the US. 

That too is just necessary to be your level 5 for free, if you are ready to go.

The US and Google local  Keep working with the guide.

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