The Facebook instant article is a social network blog, where you can publish and write an article.

On this platform, you can create and publish pages like Blog, News, Food, travel, beauty, etc.

What is a Facebook instant article and how does it work, you write a blog.

post the same blog on the Facebook page. It is calling Instant Article. Read Now

What is the Facebook instants articles?

Facebook instant article means where you can earn money by publishing your blogger’s article.

This is a program like Blogging and Adsense, where you earn money by taking.

the approval of Adsense by creating a blog, in the same way, these Facebook instant articles are running this program.

Facebook also has its ad network, where you can earn money by taking Approval.

What is Facebook instant article and how does better it work

Whatever post you write on the blog, the post you share on your Facebook Page.

the same post changes into Instant Article.

Whatever post you write on your blog, the same post gets converted into your Facebook instant article, it is calling.

Facebook instant article Now even if you did not get it from Google Adsense, no problem.

you can earn money by taking Approval on the Facebook instant article.

You can publish your post on this Facebook instant article through your blog.

In this, some policies of Facebook have certain conditions, only then you can take Approval on the Facebook instant article.

How does better it works instant articles:

the instant article works on your written blog, story, when you create your account on it, then it works.

First of all, you have to make a page on it, where you have to give all the information.

instant article The work that you write works to reach the users.

You have to publish unique content by writing on it, then Facebook publishes the article to you.

It works only if you create an account on it, you have to create a page on any one topic.

Facebook users are all over the world, your article reaches all those users.

You can join any group and publish your article on it, but your topic should be correct.

The article you are about to write is to write this article as powerful, better, simple word, amazing.

Facebook Instant Articles Eligibility?

For the program of the Facebook instant article, you must have a blog or WordPress website, and that blog.

must have good posts All articles in the post should not be copyrighted content.

Your blog must be a completely simple design, You must have a Facebook Page. 
On which you share your daily blog posts.

Having this thing is very important to you, only then you can take part in the Facebook instant article.

The design of your blog should be simple, your blog should be 3 months old.

Your blog must be an RSS feed, your content should be simple, which is easy to read.

You must have a Sublevel Domain, your Facebook page should be attractive.

It is important to have complete page information about us on your page.

Your page should be in simple design, it is necessary to have a logo, the cover photo on it.

Facebook Instant Article What is the policy :

The policy of Facebook instant article is that you should have a blog, all posts in it should be original.

Your blog should be in a simple design.

Your blog should be indexed in Google’s SEO, that blog must have at least 20 posts. 
And that blog needs to be 3 months old. 
You should have a Facebook page, that Facebook page should be in Simple design.

You have to keep posting daily on that page, that page should contain all the information.

That is, on which topic your Facebook page should have your name, contact details, email, all this information.

Your page should be completed for 3 months only then you can take Approval for Facebook instant article.

Facebook Instant Articles monetization Process?

Its process is quite simple, you have to log on by visiting the website of the Facebook instant article.

After logging you have to select your page, after that, you are given a code.

after coffee, you have to go to your blogger’s Them and paste this code under the head and save it.

Then you have to put your website there, whichever website you get on both BlogPost or Sub Domain Approval.

And after that, you have to inter, now you have to give RSS feed of your blog.
Post paste it and save it for your blog, Your Facebook instant article will start showing posts.

Then you have to give your page logo and save it, then your instant article will be submitted and review.

will take some time for this process, after that you will be ready to work on the Facebook instant article.

Facebook Instant Article Minimum Readership?

When you go to monetize your page on the instant article, you show an error.

Many people are confused why this happens, while the website is right, the page is right.

Still shows you the error, this is a new policy of instant article.

This happens because your website does not follow the policy guidelines in this program.

  • 3-month-old website and page
  • Quality content
  • Unique content
  • Particular one topic your page
  • Your page all information including
  • Daily post publish
  • Sublevel Domain
  • Daily minimum traffic 1000
  • Your content 1500 word
  • Simple look design your website
  • Do not copy past content

When you follow all these guidelines, you will get approval.

Only then your Minimum Readership error will be removed, 
have to write a post daily, you have to bring good traffic to that post.

You do not have to allow spam scores on your blog, it will not be considered eligible.

You do not have to install any other ad network, your website should be RSS.

If you follow all these roles then you will get approval on this, and there will be a good income.

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