A webmaster is a free tool provided by Google, through which you can index your website.

What is the google webmaster tool and how does it work, to tell you in this post?
How does it work, what are the benefits to us? 

You are going to give all this information in this post, and you are going to teach.

With the help of a webmaster, you can easily rank the website on Google.

What is google webmaster

Sitemap: When you index a website in SEO, then you ask the SEO that it is very important to make.

sitemap ad, any users go to your website through SEO, so it is necessary to create a sitemap.

Now you must have understood about SEO engine optimization, how SEO works and what are its rules, and how beneficial.

it is, if you like the post for the ranking of the website, then do comment.

Robot txt: This part is also very important in this, you have to make a Robot txt so that the report.

your website is visible in SEO, This shows which pages and posts of your website.

ranking and which position is your website and post Robot txt does this work.

What is Google search engine optimization?

search engine optimization you may have heard but what it is and how it works. 

There are many search engines around the world. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alo, Ask, like search engines.

Google shows you the results related to it, all that you see with the help of this search engine is called search engine optimization.  

Search engine means to rank a website, millions of web sites reach.

the object with the help of this search engine or it is called Search Engine to every corner of the world.

This search engine works for ranking platforms like Youtube with
website, blogging, website.

whatever it is, it can be ranked only by the help of the search engine.

the search engine automatically divides these websites like cookies website, Song website, a technology website.

News website, SEO divides them in such a way that whatever you search.

the related website brings them in front of you, winning will be good content of that website and they follow. 

The rules of website SEO or that SEO  If the algorithm sits on the website.

then that website comes top 1  Before you see that website.

Whenever someone makes a website, it is necessary to do SEO, due to this.

traffic starts coming to his website and this traffic is organic. 

When you search for a keyword, then you see a lot of websites related to that key website.  

The same website come in the top 10, it is me Paid SEOs take SEO.

White hat and Black hat SEO?

White hat SEO: means the content quality of your website is very good and that website. 

sits in the algorithm of SEO and SEO brings it to search, it is call white hat SEO.

Black hat SEO: this means that this website does not rank only because it does not sit in thor.

SEO, copy content, website quality, forceful traffic and they force SEO, to run this website, it forces them to rank. 

SEO forcefully, it is call Black hat SEO.

Gray hat SEO: This means that traffic on a lot of websites comes by making more backlink, it is called unknown traffic.

this traffic is not consider does the search engine work social media itself is call gray hat SEO.

How the search engine works?

The search engine runs with the help of the Internet, which is a lot of website news, sports, images. 

All this information gives you with the help of Search Engine worldwide web to rank.

the website in the search engine, to make it your website in search engines.  

For this, you have to submit your website's land page, sitemap, quality content, it is necessary to be correct. 

then the search engine checks it, after seeing all the processes of the website crawls your website and helps to rank it.

When you create a website, then you have created that website on the topic, you have to tell it.

Meta tags to the Search Engine so that the Search Engine will know which one you have created. 

The website on Topic after that you have to create a sitemap of your website.

Search Engines can easily find your site's pages, articles, and show them in the search bar. 

Robert TXT works as traffic in Search Engine and publishes your website worldwide.

Search engine algorithm?

The meaning of the algorithm is to explain to you in simple language, Suppose you have a phone. 

you have to make a phone, then what do you react, you take out your mobile and first open. 

the switch, later oper it and then by going to the calling option If you call and talk. 

then you had to call through process 2,3, you did not put the call directly, it is a call algorithm. 

which runs step by step and follows the same thing in the search engine in the same way It falls.

In search engine optimization, the algorithm has to go through the following, that is. 

you have to follow the rules of some policy. 

First of all the content of your website should be unique, there should be no copy past.

the interface of your website should be good or the website should be well design.  

Should be user-friendly mobile, desktop, such that the user can be easily found, there should be no content.

your website Who has created your website on Topics, you have to tell about it?

website indexing in SEO policy

There are some rules and policies of SEO to do website indexing, which has to be followed. 

only when there is a website index, SEO in the search the engine looks at a lot of things closely.

 only when they index your website.

1:Top-level domain: If you want to index a website in SEO, then you need a good domain. 

You can also index with a free domain, but it does not make many impressions, so you must take it. 

good domain and that domain should match your website only if SEO index  Will do.

2:Unique content: When you create a website, then the content of all the posts on your website should be unique. 

the post should be copy-paste, and the words of that post should be above 350. 

And the image should also have a good interface.

3:Meta tag description: Which website you have create, Which is made on Topic, 

what is in it, on which you are going to create people by writing posts, SEO has to tell.

the information and with this, you generate a meta tag of that website and past it. 

the HTML section of your website. 

It makes the SEO aware that the website has been create on which topic.

4:Privacy Policy pages: This is a very important part of indexing in SEO, you have to create some pages for your website. 

privacy policy, About us, Disclaimer, Contact us, Sitemap. 
which shows the rules of your website, and there

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