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What is database software and examples 2020

What is a database with full information? 

Today's era is the digital phase. My saying this is digital means that we do many things every day through condensing or mobile, like massage, Gmail, newspapers, tickets, Books. What is database software? 

Earlier, we used to do all this work with paperwork, we kept all the records in the store, in all these items, the document was kept in this the number so that we could easily find it, but now it was established that the paper that we had  Used to be necessary.

Now we use the computer instead, documents are no longer stored in tables or locker but in computers, all these data are kept serial wise in the computer, which we call database, if you have the computer at all  You must have read, you must have heard the name of the database, where the data is kept correct and safe if you do not know anything, then you are going to give all the information about the databases.

The database is a museum of information where information is collected and kept, the database is a collection of related data or information that is stored in a computer system.  

Data is a part of any information, it is related to an object, place, person such as name, age, height, weight, mobile number, house leaf, business. It is all data related to any person, data is different can be in the form of types such as text, numeric, alpha, file, images, etc. When these data are organized together then it becomes information and a database is formed from a group of information.

The database is kept in the organization by organizing information in it, it is easily managed, access, update, when needed, as well as data sharing also controls data security, some software is used to store information such as  MSXL is stored in the computer's hard disk after inputting all the data in it, msxl is used to store the database, which we divide into different Rows columns so that we can easily access the data  Could so bring needed them access, modify, change.

The database is also stored in a data table that contains all the columns of roses, which makes them easy to access. A single data can contain all the defiles on the Internet. There are all the websites that use the database. You see on Facebook, your name, address, post, massages, etc. information is stored in the database. If we want any person's information from Facebook, then we get all the information from the database.  The land would receive similar government, private, information database us.

Nowadays online banking, tickets, shopping, is a special use, we get all the information about them from the database like you can get all the information online.

Key elements of the database

The main three elements of the database are field, record, table.  We will consider it as a loan. You must have seen in the school your s, no, name, class, subject, marks on your mark sheet.  All this is a data of those students, these three elements are in it. What is database software? 

1.   Field: A database column is called a field, such as a Name, Class, Marks, subject, is called field.
2.   Record: The information in the students' table is S, no, name, class, mark, subject.  What is filled is called records?
3.   Table: All this information, which is made by putting it in it, is called a table.


Database management system

Database management systems, also known as DBMS, is a software through which users manage, define, create, maintain, and control the database, DBMS is borrowed from MYSQL, Microsoft Office Access, Oracle, visual Foxpro 9, DB2.  DBMS is commonly used to maintain the database, meaning you can insert, edit, delete, access, and update the database.

If you want to add data of any students, then you will have to edit that excel file and if the data of any students are wrong, then you have to delete it, you have to know the name of any students, then you will have to access the data that the data is already available. 

And if you want to change it, then it is called an update, then all this work is done with the DBMS software.

how many types of the database are there

The structure of the database has been manipulated to store the data in the database. It shows the module of the database, it also shows how the data is connected to the database in a way and how the connection between them, the database  There are three types: 1 Hierarchical model, 2 Network model, 3 relational models These are these three models. What is database software? 

1. Hierarchical database model: In this type of database, the data is arranged as three structures with tables. In this modal, three structure is followed to join the records here, where the configuration is shown as child and parents.
2.  Network databaseIn this type of database, the data is shown as recorded, the data is represented by the link in the middle of the data, this model is quite powerful and also complicated because it contains a lot of tables, notes linking among themselves.
3.  Relational model: This model is powerful and simple. The structure of this model is like a table. The table is called relational in database language, so its name is the relational model. It is like a table, it contains Row and columns.  The key is called, through this key it is connected and it becomes very easy to find the data in it.

Benefits of database

1.   More data can be stored in less space through the database.
2.   Any information can be easily accessed.
3.   It is easy to insert new data, edit, and delete old data.
4.   Data can be sorted in different ways.
5.   Many users can access the same database simultaneously.
6.   Paper provides more security than file because no one can access the database without permission.
7.   Reduces redundancy. Duplication of many places of the same kind is called data redundancy. That is, the data which is given more than once is given data in the database.
8.   Provides facilities like Backup and Recovery.  Problems such as database failure can happen at any time, if the data is not recovered in such a time, a huge loss can occur.  Hence the DBMS software provides backup and recovery facilities.

Where the database can be used, the use of the database is now everywhere and the internet is nothing without the database. The use of the database is Banking, Railway reservation the system, Air Lines, Library management system, school, college, university, social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, online shopping site, Amazon, Flipkartgovernment organizations are used in them.

I hope you have come to know about the database, where it is used, it is said that, how much our database is working, you will get all this information from this post, if you like the post then definitely make comments. 

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