Facebook instant article: Now it will be very easy to get approval.  

In this post, we are going to tell you all the methods related to instant article approval.

Nowadays everyone wants to go to the instant article approval platform, many people do not know from its policy.

In this post, we will give them information about how to get approval on Facebook Instant Article. Earning money

Now you will get complete information related to Instant Article, read this post completely.

Facebook instant article: approval eligibility now Get Easy Trick

Facebook instant article: approval policy Get Easy Trick:

Instant Article is a Facebook platform, which is using to write articles.

Like you write your blog on the blog platform, so is the Facebook page. 

In this you have to create your own page on any one topic.

You have to write on this topic, so that Facebook users can get information. 

You see a lot of posts on Facebook, in which there is some information.

Users have been able to share the information in it to the users by making their favorite page. 

You can create a blog on any topic, or you can create a page related to news.

Today millions of people are joining Facebook instant article, users are earning a lot from this.

All you have to do is create a page, write a good post on it. Make a page on any one topic and share it with the users.

Create Quality Pages:

To get recognition in instant article, you have to create a page. 

 In which you have to create a page on only one topic.

Do not use copy paste content in the page, write unique quality content.

According to the website, keep the page name the same, and the user id the same.

Keep the image quality good according to the post of the page, keep the meta tag in the image.

You have to publish the post daily, in which to bring traffic up to 5000.

Fill the page information correctly, write about us page information about the topic on which the page is.

Category: Create minimum 10 category related to the page, you will get help in traffic.

Link the URL of the website to the page, this increases the page authority.

Page Contact is to be filled correctly, so that the users about us interface is correct.

Put Action buttons on the page Any, follow, sign up, Get massage, Shop now, book.

Add the page to the group You have to add to this group the topic on which your page is.

Try to take user reviews so that Facebook instant article gets recognition soon.

Verify Facebook Business Manager Account :

Business manager verification is necessary for instant article approval.

Business manager checks the quality of your page, only then you will get approval.

You have to create a Business Manager Account, enter all the information in it.

To do Business manager account verification, you need to create a Facebook App ID.

You have to verify by creating Facebook App id, your page is verified by having green signal.

You have to add your page in business manager, only then your page will be veryfy.

The Facebook page of the users should be minimum 3 old, publish the post daily.

Grow the page daily, update it daily on the group.

Facebook News index Veryfication:

After verifying Business Manager, you must verify Facebook News.

News verification will happen only when your website follows the policy.

Create policy page, About us, privacy policy, contact us, Disclaimer.

The URL of the website and the page must be the same, only then you will get the verification.

The header image, logo, attached to the page should be the same.

You have to be added to any 5 group, so that minimum traffic is generated.

Complete resource tools, Page information, page to, page business, Contact, page Discretion.

How to bring unique Traffic followers on the page:

If you want to bring unique traffic to the page, then you have to publish the post daily.

Content will have to be written of minimum 1500 words, due to which the user interface increases.

You must be added to the group, it is necessary to share every post on the group.

The topic on which the page is, has to be joined in this group.

Due to this there are more chances of increasing traffic and followers.

Create page and post related story, so that users are attracted.

Connect the page to Instagram, twitter, so that users get traffic.

Your website should get 10000 traffic in a month from Facebook page.

The content of the post written in the website should be unique, so that it is easy to read.

The image should not be copy paste, it has to bring unique visitors every day.

Your website fulfills all the criteria, and has to create policy pages.

When you cross all this step then only you will get Facebook instant article approval.

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