Do you also want to know about Li-fi technology, what is the use of Li-fi technology? This is the Kiana advance compared to Wi-Fi. Hello friends, your product knowledge will tell you something about what is Li-Fi internet in this post, it is very new and many people do not know about it, in this post you will give information about it.

Where Li-Fi technology is a new technology that has been used to make the Internet even faster and easier. You will get to see a lot of advanced features of this technology. These are features that run on the energy of LI-FI lights.

What is Li-fi technology with full information 2020

    What is Li-Fi with full information

    Friends, the world is becoming digital, in such a situation, they see changes in many things, today’s era is the age of digital, you all know about a wife and are using it, but now wife like Li-Fi has come.  

    Which will work as a wife, but its service will differ from a wife?

    Multiple devices from a module, providing internet to the computer is called uh Wi-Fi, and multiple devices from one light, the computer providing internet to internet is called Li-Fi, which means now you will get to use the internet with light.  

    He will provide you the internet faster than double speed is more speed than WI-FI, all these will get help from LI-FI.

    LI-FI was started by Professor herald Hass, in 2011, he put his LI-FI issue in front of people, how can you communicate with people with the help of light, and the solution is that the testing of that experiment has been completed  Wi-Fi has got much faster viewing. 

    LI-FI which is the base is visible light communication in a VLC concert. If you put on a light, then you will get to see its output immediately.

    There will be many small lights in this light, in which internet source will also be available, you will get to see internet speed much faster with the help of these bulbs, in these small lights, the internet will now provide you with a receiver server.  

    With the help of this electricity, this internet server will run in your electricity which will provide you the internet under the light.

    VLC is a concert, but LI-FI is a high-speed proper technology. LI-FI will give you roaming facilities. 

    You will get a server even if you go from one place to another.  They will connect it to every light and you will run the internet easily, LI-FI gives you freedom of multiple access that means multiple users under the same light can use it.

    Benefits of LI-FI

    1.   Speed: In LI-FI, you will get speeds up to 100GB, compared to Wi-Fi, you will get twice the speed.

    2.   Security: The security of Li-Fi is available on the other side of the walls, where the lights are there, you will get security, but the person sitting outside will not know your security or cannot see it.

    3.   Data density: The wireless signals are enthusiastic, if you install routers, then those signals are spread all around, but it is not in your LI-FI, you can use it under that light inside your house.  The signal will spread nowhere.

    4.   Radiation: You get to see the normal atmosphere in this. We do not have any loss from the light and there will be no risk of radiation in it.
    5.   Application: LI-FI has also come with a lot of apps so you can control it as well and will control the lights.

    6.   Connectivity: In this, you will see simultaneous connectivity in mobile, laptop, desktop, which will also provide your best speed.

    7.   Access: You can access anywhere in it like a public place, Mines, Airline, Terminal, Car, etc. You will get connected to it.

    Where Li-Fi technology is used?

    • Where data is provided into an LED light bulb with signal processing automation, it again sends data enclosed in its radiation at a breakneck boost to the photodetector photodiode.
    • The receiver then translates the slight differences in the fast fading of the LED bulb into the magnetic signal.
    • They thus change the signal is suddenly backward into a binary input flow that the user would appreciate as network, program, and audio applications that pass on internet-enabled machines.
    • LI-FI could establish a prodigious impact on the internet of elements highly, with data transmission at considerably greater standards, with even better devices capable to attach.
    • Because of its smaller collection, LI-FI is more assured than WI-FI since it goes on not contaminate they can announce it an unknown technology for devices to device information on the internet of factors.
    So, colleagues, you expect that you appreciate about LI-FI, what is LI-FI, and which one will advance us if you like the post then finally make opinions.


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