What is Google AdSense and get full information 

We all know about what is  Google Adsense is the world's best and number one ad network and the biggest high rate ad network. There are many ad networks in the world, but people like Adsense more, Adsense is Google made advertising network.

what is Google adsense full information

The one who takes money to run an Ad on the website, whose Ad runs on the website is called the publisher. The amount of this ad is kept by a few percent to the publisher and the rest to Adsense.

A large company runs an advertisement to do its product or marketing, it is called an advertiser and the website on which the advertisement runs is called a publisher.  Google AdSense publisher that gives ads to the publisher so that the ads can run, Google keeps half of the money for these ads.

Now how Google Adsense gives you its money when the website advertisement runs, then organic traffic comes on that website, you get a $ 1 of 1000 views, if people see the ad a thousand times, then they get a dollar if visitors click on that ad  So he also gets paid, the more money an advertisement will get in it, the more money the publisher and Adsense also get.

Understand the platform of Google Adsense

Let Google explain the platform of AdSense to you, after all, what do the options inside it mean and they work. what is Google adsense getting full information
  • CPM: Cost Per Thousand This means that if the advertisement on the website ran a thousand times, then you will get a dollar. That means whether the advertisement is in Video or Display, the rate is the same.
  • CPC: cost per click This is totally different from CPM, you are paid a thousand science to watch, in the same way, you are paid to click on an advertisement, now there are no rates fixed, it is fearless on that advertisement as it will be.  
  • CTR: click-through rate This option is a link of CPM and CPC like science five times when it appears on your youtube or website, then two thousand clicks on it mean your CTR is good, but your Adsense account will come in dangers zone if the view decreases and clicks increase.  Therefore, click should be done according to the view.
  • RPM: revenue per thousand impressions means that we are given money together with Ad's Views and click. A thousand advertisements were shown, the amount of click that will be paid on both are paid.
  • CPA: cost per action This means that the advertisement that appears if a visitor clicks on it and goes to that website and feels the form there or buys the product, then according to that the company also pays money to the advertiser.

Information about ad units 

  • Responsive ad: google AdSense has many types of advertisements, one of them is Responsive ad, this is a website like this ad will look like or mobile-friendly, desktop friendly, that is, this ad will adjust accordingly, it is called responsive ad.

  • Banner Ad: This means that you see very large advertisements on the website, those advertisements are adjusted to the landscape, banner ad, it is called a banner ad.

  • Content match Ad: This means that the article was written on the website as if that post is written on LIC, then you will get to see the advertisement of LIC policy on it is called content match Ad.

  • Display Ad: This means that only the product image appears on the website and their names are seen, it is called a Display ad.

  • Auto Ad: This means the website that you see everywhere you see an advertisement, even in the middle of the article, you see an advertisement where the place is empty, there is no need to do any coding in it, it runs on its own.  On the website, it is called Auto Ad.
Now you must have understood what is Google Adsense getting full information and how it works for these ads and its options will also be well understood.

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